3 Key Reasons to Work with a Radiation Shielding Expert

Why Your Need to work with a radiation shielding expert

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You need to work with a radiation shielding expert. If your business is having radiation shielding constructed for the first time, it can be intimidating.

That’s why we see a lot of our clients work with architects and general contractors.

Although it may seem like the best option, working with an architect or general contractor may actually be counterintuitive, and cause more harm than good.

In this blog, we’ll be talking about the three most important reasons why your business should work directly with a certified radiation shielding expert.

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1. Radiation Shielding Experts Provide Better Communication

Good communication means you stay on budget, and on schedule. Any time you work through a middle man, things can get lost in translation.

Just like a game of telephone, crucial details may be lost due to a third party’s lack of education regarding radiation shielding.

Radiation is an extremely complicated topic, which is why it’s difficult for those who aren’t experts to understand all of the jargon, regulations, and industry best practices.

Having the proper radiation shielding in place is a matter of life or death, and missing even the slightest detail due to miscommunication could be detrimental.

2. Radiation Shielding Experts Help Lower Costs

Anytime you work with another company, markups get involved.

This means that the same exact products and services you normally get for a fixed amount get that much more expensive.

By putting another line-item on your budget, you’re sacrificing the freedom to choose from a wider range of options for your radiation shielding material, controls, and other accessories needed for your room. Markups are expensive, and so is fixing mistakes.


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In our experience, the miscommunications and oversights (like we mentioned above) come at a pretty hefty cost. If even a single detail is missed, your radiation shielding team has to go back to the drawing board to protect those who would be affected by the mistake.

If you value your company’s resources and want the best bang for your buck, work directly with a team of experts.

3. Radiation Shielding Experts Deliver Higher Quality

Working with an industry-leading team means they’ll employ best practices and use the highest quality materials, meaning a high-quality end product.

General contractors and architects don’t know what the best materials are to use, meaning they might request bids for a final radiation shielded room that isn’t up to your company’s standards.

Directly working with a radiation shielding team means they won’t cut corners. Not only that, they also will have a higher level of craftsmanship from years of experience constructing exactly the end result you want.



It’s safe to say, working directly with a team of certified radiation shielding experts saves you time, money, stress, and delivers the highest possible level of quality.

When embarking on such a large and important project, work with a team with experience that you can trust to deliver.

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