AVM Group Forms from Powerful Merger of Architectural Interior Restorations, Vernick, and Matter Fabs, Addition of Mechanical Systems Division

AVM Group Merger


A landmark merger is reshaping the landscape of interior systems, controlled environments, radiation shielding and mechanical systems. Architectural Interior Restorations, Vernick and Matter Fabs have joined forces, adding a mechanical systems division, to create AVM Group. This strategic alliance signifies a significant step forward in delivering enhanced solutions and services to our valued clients.

Key Highlights of the Merger:

  1. Unprecedented Expertise: AVM Group brings together the specialized knowledge and decades of experience of Architectural Interior Restorations in commercial construction, Vernick’s established track record in turnkey controlled environments, and Matter Fabs’ shielding acumen. This union results in a powerhouse of expertise, allowing us to provide clients with unparalleled and comprehensive design-build solutions. 
  2. Combined Resources: The merger facilitates the pooling of resources from Architectural Interior Restorations, Vernick, and Matter Fabs, establishing AVM Group with a robust and versatile service offering and operational team. Clients can anticipate cost-savings, streamlined communication, and an overall increase in efficiency, from metal stud framing and drywall to turnkey controlled environment and shielding construction, all delivered with the same commitment to excellence and quality that has defined our companies since inception.
  3. Strategic Expansion with Mechanical Systems Division: In addition to the merger, AVM Group is thrilled to announce the launch of its new mechanical systems division. This strategic expansion reflects our commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends and meeting the evolving needs of our clients. The mechanical systems division will focus on supporting our interior systems and controlled environments operations and provide high-end, bespoke mechanical system services to new clients across the country.



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